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Zero Liquid Discharge ZLD is getting compulsory in Rajasthan

Green Rajasthan Clean Rajasthan - Doing Compulsory ZLD in Factories

State Pollution Board is getting hard note from NGT towards making Rajasthan Pollution free. Mainly Textile zone of Rajasthan is getting compulsory notice of doing ZLD in their plants. They have to reuse maximum waste water in process otherwise Govt. will cut the electricity connection.

Technologies Used in Conventional ZLD systems

ZLD system involves a range of advanced waste water treatment technology to recycle, recovery and reuse of the treated wastewater and thereby ensure there is no discharge of waste water (liquid and soiled) to environment

Ponds evaporation systemMechanical evaporation systemSpraying (Mist) Evaporation systemMulti Effect EvaporatorsMulti Stage Flash
Now a days in advanced technology there are mainly two Processes used for ZLD:

Multi Effect EvaporatorsMulti Stage Flash
1. Multi Effect Evaporators

Multi Effect Evaporators is a process of mechanical in which essentially a heat exchanger to boiled a …